[IPython-user] Got bdist_wininst working for IPython ...

Viktor Ransmayr viktor.ransmayr at t-online.de
Sun Jan 9 07:48:48 CST 2005

Hi Fernando,

You wrote:

> Viktor Ransmayr wrote:
>> Hello Fernando,
>> Over the holidays I finally got a windows installer working for IPython.
>> With the attached version of the setup.py and 
>> ipython_win_post_install.py
>> files I was able to get IPython-0.6.6 properly installed and 
>> de-installed
>> with Python 2.3
> Great, many thanks.  I'll try to put up an installer in the testing 
> directory of ipython in a few days with this and some other recent 
> changes.  At the time, it will be great to have some user feedback on 
> how well this works 'in the wild'.  There have been some other fixes 
> I've put into CVS, so this will be a good 0.6.7 for the new year.

No problem. I'm happy if I can contribute. - Now about this next version.
I don't know how much time you spent looking at my modifications yet.
However I still have a few questions about the further proceeding:

1) There is no need to install pywin32 for the installation process on 
    - At least not for bdist_wininst. - Should anything be checked 
during the
    import or do you think a simple message, stating that pywin32, ctypes
   and readline are recommended is sufficient ?

2) I'm not sure what should be done in the case of cmd=bdist ? - What I did
    not like about the way "IPython-0.6.6.zip" worked, was the fact that 
it did
    install files outside of ..\Lib\site-packages\IPython\ without 
giving me any
    means to deinstall. (Other than saving the complete output of the 
    cmd into a log-file and removing everything by hand :-)

    Do you have an idea/ a plan or do you think that simply removing the
    usage of the post-installation script completely from the zip-archive is
    sufficient and/or acceptable ?



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