[IPython-user] Got bdist_wininst working for IPython ...

Viktor Ransmayr viktor.ransmayr at t-online.de
Sun Jan 16 12:22:37 CST 2005

Hello Fernando,

I wrote:

> Hi Fernando,
> You wrote:
>> Viktor Ransmayr wrote:
>>> No problem. I'm happy if I can contribute. - Now about this next 
>>> version.
>>> I don't know how much time you spent looking at my modifications yet.
>>> However I still have a few questions about the further proceeding:
>>> 1) There is no need to install pywin32 for the installation process 
>>> on window.
>>>     - At least not for bdist_wininst. - Should anything be checked 
>>> during the
>>>     import or do you think a simple message, stating that pywin32, 
>>> ctypes
>>>    and readline are recommended is sufficient ?
>> I'd say printing a user message would be a very good idea.  ipython 
>> will _work_ without this stuff, but it will lack some of its nicest 
>> functionality (readline and coloring).  So a prominent message in 
>> this direction would certainly help.  A simple
>> try:
>>   import ctypes
>> except ImportError:
>>   print 'get ctypes from http://....'
>> and similar for readline would be very good to have.  No need to 
>> bother users who already have them with this, though.
> OK. - I'll add such a check to my next version of the vr_* version of 
> the scripts.

Finally  I got around working on the scripts again. - Attached is the 
third iteration.

Changes from the previous version:
o IPython menu is made available to all users of the local machine.
o IPython version within directories, etc. is no longer hard-coded.

Kind regards,


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