[IPython-user] "Bus error" on Mac OS X

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jul 1 14:50:59 CDT 2005

Hans Fangohr wrote:

> I think you are spot on. If I run Python (not ipython) and issue the
> following commands (taken from the bugreport), the python interpreter
> crashes:
> import readline
> readline.set_history_length(1000)
> print raw_input('crash> ')
> I suppose that should not happen. I'll now try to communicate this to the
> Fink team...

That's a mild way to put it :)

Indeed, it seems the debian-distributed python has a pretty nasty bug in it, 
hopefully the patch (already available in the bug report) will propagate 
quickly to their regular distribution channels.  Their current python is 
unusable in conjunction with readline, which basically means it's worthless 
for any serious interactive use.



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