[IPython-user] Killing a hung program

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Fri Jul 1 17:36:49 CDT 2005

Fernando Perez wrote:
> Joshua C Gilbert wrote:
>>The pysh profile is a system shell. Thus, you are competing with bash, for my 
>>usage at least. 
> well, what I mean by that is that I'm not going to spend _my_ resources into 
> hard-core shell support.  There are other directions of ipython's evolution 
> which interest me much more.

I meant to add that I'll gladly accept patches improving this area, obviously. 
  Part of today's shell support has come from user contributions, and I'll 
continue to accept such input.  I simply have so little time for ipython, that 
I'll spend it on something else.



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