[IPython-user] Re: [Matplotlib-users] IPython not reloading file under Win2000

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Jul 13 17:52:13 CDT 2005

[ this should be posted to the ipython user list instead, as there is nothing 
matplotlib-specific here.  It's best to keep each user community separate. 
I'm deleting matplotlib from the recepients list and adding ipython-user]

Alan G Isaac wrote:
> This is a bit bizarre.
> It took me a couple looks to figure out what was happening.
> I am using the 'run' command under IPython.
> Error tracebacks print the correct line number of the 
> current file but *list* (and therefore highlight) that
> line from an *earlier* version of the file.
> This is particularly obvious when deleted lines
> appear in the traceback printout.
> After a bit of exploration, it seems that the lines
> printed corrrespond to the file as first run.  Changes
> to the file are correctly run and traced, but the lines
> printed appear to be from a cached (and obsolete)
> version of the file.
> Has anyone else seen this?
> Any thoughts on how to fix it?

What version of ipython and what version of python are you using?  There is a 
bug in the inspect module (part of python) which can cause this.  I've 
personally never seen such behavior with current versions.



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