[IPython-user]: IPython install under Win2000

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jul 18 15:52:11 CDT 2005

Jerry McRae wrote:

> I agree that USERPROFILE would make more sense.  That would allow
> people to designate a different starting folder for running cmd.exe.
> Of course I rarely do this, since I have a shortcut that runs IPython
> every time I want to access DOS commands.  (:-)

OK, after reading all the responses, here's the solution I've implemented:

def get_home_dir():
     """Return the closest possible equivalent to a 'home' directory.

     We first try $HOME.  Absent that, on NT it's $HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH.

     Currently only Posix and NT are implemented, a HomeDirError exception is
     raised for all other OSes. """

     isdir = os.path.isdir
     env = os.environ
         homedir = env['HOME']
         if not isdir(homedir):
             # in case a user stuck some string which does NOT resolve to a
             # valid path, it's as good as if we hadn't foud it
             raise KeyError
         return homedir
     except KeyError:
         if os.name == 'posix':
             raise HomeDirError,'undefined $HOME, IPython can not proceed.'
         elif os.name == 'nt':
             # For some strange reason, win9x returns 'nt' for os.name.
                 homedir = os.path.join(env['HOMEDRIVE'],env['HOMEPATH'])
                 if not isdir(homedir):
                     homedir = os.path.join(env['USERPROFILE'])
                     if not isdir(homedir):
                         raise HomeDirError
                 return homedir
                     # Use the registry to get the 'My Documents' folder.
                     import _winreg as wreg
                     key = wreg.OpenKey(wreg.HKEY_CURRENT_USER,
"Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders")
                     homedir = wreg.QueryValueEx(key,'Personal')[0]
                     return homedir
                     return 'C:\\'
         elif os.name == 'dos':
             # Desperate, may do absurd things in classic MacOS. May work 
under DOS.
             return 'C:\\'
             raise HomeDirError,'support for your operating system not 

The important change is taken from the pythoncard/python-list suggestion, to 
do an isdir() check first, before using any variable.  This will at least 
catch broken configs like $HOME=='%SOMETHING%' [1].  I am NOT going to go 
hunting a recursive chain of expansions in environment variables, neither am I 
willing to use Alan's one-off test, which is too much of a special hack.

I'm keeping HOMEDRIVE/HOMEPATH first in the priority list, because I don't 
want the behavior to change for existing users.  It would be an unpleasant 
surprise if an ipython update were to spring up a new config somewhere else 
out of the blue.

Unless someone complains soon, this will go into SVN later today.

And many thanks to all for the feedback on this issue.



[1] For the record, yes: I consider an environment variable which expands to 
an unevaluated macro a broken config, period.

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