[IPython-user] Re: <tab> not interpreted on Linux (RH 7.2 2.96-129.7.2)

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jul 26 13:59:46 CDT 2005

Ward K Harold wrote:
> Ward Harold wrote:
>>Just installed IPython on a linux box. When I hit the <tab> key for completion I
>>get the actual <tab> character instead. I'm using ActiveState's 2.41 release of
>>Python for linux. I'm suspicious of my stty settings since I had to explicitly
>>set 'erase ^h' to make Backspace work properly in IPython.
>>I love IPython, any ideas would be appreciated.
>>... WkH
> Doh! Belay that. I wasn't paying attention to the "slash text" that 
> warns me that "Readline services not available on this platform". Of 
> course `rpm -qa | grep readline` tells me that readline-4.2-2 is 
> available on my platform. Is this a problem that can be fixed by hacking 
> IPython's setup.py or is it likely that ActiveState's Python binaries 
> aren't built with readline?

You have the GNU readline library, but not the support for readline in python. 
  You need to have a version of python with correctly built readline support.



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