[IPython-user] Request MD5 checksum for ipython-0.6.15.win32.exe

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 6 11:45:35 CDT 2005

Amanda Waltman wrote:
> Hello,
> A python/plone user within my company is requesting to use IPython
> 0.6.15.  Due to security requirements, I am authorized to obtain data
> integrity in the form of a MD5 hash (checksum) on the requested file
> before installing the software.  Can someone please provide me with a
> MD5 checksum on ipython-0.6.15.win32.exe from http://ipython.scipy.org/dist


scipy[dist]> md5sum *.15*
08776eb2f66aa263d0962da6d44d7b9b  ipython-0.6.15-py23.noarch.rpm
4de79be61b5305cd40f79aa6716e9a29  ipython-0.6.15-py23.src.rpm
49b6a8c1d775fb2cd113461a301e0d47  ipython-0.6.15-py24.noarch.rpm
aee416b374c068122b7549a8dff52948  ipython-0.6.15-py24.src.rpm
3b777c86f6afba52343ac9ec3ec3eef7  ipython-0.6.15.tar.gz
cbd0e9e8959c5d053422e3a24fb2ba33  ipython-0.6.15.win32.exe

The above command was executed directly on the scipy.org server, so 
unless that machine's md5sum command has been compromised by evil green 
aliens, all should be well.



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