[IPython-user] Fwd: avoid dueling pythons on tiger

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 6 23:23:42 CDT 2005

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From: jschull at softlock.com

Please forgive the cross-post.   I think this is a cross group issue.

I've newly installed Tiger and would like to avoid the dueling
pythons problem that plagued me with 0SX 10.3.  It would be nice to
be running just one python, but I suppose that would be asking too much?

I installed Bob's MacPython 2.4.1 from http://undefined.org/python/
Double clicking the apps works fine.  But when I type "python" from
terminal I get python Apple's python 2.3.5.   I'm sure this is
obvious to many, but I'm also sure I'm not the only person who starts
getting uneasy at this point.  So before I go too deep, I thought I'd

Is there a "right" way to be using just one (or just two) pythons and
avoid conflicts?

I want to be able to program from the command line with ipython

And I want to  be able to program from the 2.4.1 gui.

And I want to be able to run vpython (requires X11 alas).

I should add that configuring things drives me crazy but I can't live
without these things, and did eventually have them all working under
panther.  (Unfortunately a hard drive failure forces me to build my
programming environment  anew.)

Any  wise and concise counsel will be greatly appreciated.  Wise OR
concise, too. ;->

Jon Schull, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Information Technology
Rochester Institute of Technology
102 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, New York 14623
schull at digitalgoods.com 585-738-6696

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