[IPython-user] Problem setting edit in initrc under Windows

Scott Kirkwood scottakirkwood at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 17:34:26 CDT 2005

So I set my ipythonrc.ini configuration to:

editor "C:/Arquivos de programas/Scintilla Text Editor/SciTE.exe"

The problem appears that you aren't passing the quotes so it tries to run 
the first part
"c:/Arquivos" and passes the rest a parameters, and of course fails with an 
error like
"Can't find the the command Arquivos" (but in portuguese)

While writing this e-mail if tried one more thing and it worked, so I'll 
tell you the solution...
Put the double quotes within single single quotes:

editor '"C:/Arquivos de programas/Scintilla Text Editor/SciTE.exe"'

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