[IPython-user] Magic function not found

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 20 11:05:28 CDT 2005

Chanchal G wrote:
> I am having a strange problem. On my machine when I try any of % 
> pfile, %psource, %pdoc, %pinfo, %page magic functions to view source  
> I get
> "ERROR: Magic function <func call name> not found". I can call most  
> of other magic functions and object?, object?? seems to be working  
> alright. I can query the documentation of functions mentioned above  
> using <func_name>? or <func_name>??
> I am working on Mac OSX 10.4.1with Python 2.4.1 (MacPython to be  
> exact) and IPython 0.6.15.

That's extremely bizarre.  I've never seen such an error.

Could you please try:

- remove/rename your ~/.ipython directory so you get a clean reinstall 
of your configuration, in case it's corrupted.

- post an actual copy/paste log of your work session, in case that 
shakes my brain in the right direction.



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