[IPython-user] readline configuration + 4

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Jun 20 15:36:46 CDT 2005

Scott Kirkwood wrote:
> Hi Jerry,
> I found most of what you might need at 
> http://cnswww.cns.cwru.edu/php/chet/readline/readline.html#SEC13
> - ESC for clearing a line is unusual for me.
> - For Word Left, Word right it's Alt-b, Alt-f but you could redifine as 
> Ctrl-Left, Ctrl-Right I suppose, my guess is that it would be for backward 
> word:
> readline_parser_and_bind "\C\e[D":  backward-word
> readline_parser_and_bind "\C\e[C":  forward-word
> But I haven't tested it.

Doesnt' seem to work, at least under *nix.

But hold off a bit :)  I'm not going to add every possible readline 
option to the default config file.  After all, that's what it's there 
for: so _users_ can tweak things to their heart's content.

I only have a few generic defaults to give an out of box usage which is 
efficient.  Power users can just open the  file and play with it til the 
cows come home, but I'm not going to go much further.



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