Fwd: Re: [IPython-user] readline configuration + 4

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Jun 21 14:04:12 CDT 2005

Jerry McRae wrote:
> Somehow this did not get sent to the list.  Other Windows users can
> improve their IPython experience with what I found.
> (I vote for your list server software to default the reply address to
> the mailing list so we all can benefit from the solutions to our
> queries, and not just the person asking the question.)

This is a topic of endless debates and flamefests on the internet 
amongst mailing list admins.  Since you can fight to the death on both 
sides of the argument (people have, believe me) and I have better things 
to do with my time, I've simply decided to leave things as the Scipy.org 
admin configured them by default.

Sorry, but I'm not in the business of debating the finer points of 
mailing list administration, a topic where consensus has been 
conclusively shown to be an unattainable goal.

> I tried this and it did not work either :(   but the following DOES
> work in Windows AND it is easy to read! (note there is NOT quotes):
> readline_parse_and_bind control-left:  backward-word
> readline_parse_and_bind control-right:  forward-word

Well, doesn't work in Linux for some reason.  But my muscle memory is 
used to alt-b/f already, so I'm OK there.  I wonder why it won't work 
under Linux...

Thanks for the info,


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