[IPython-user] More Windows questions part 2 - \/ characters revisited

Jerry McRae qrs0xyc02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:48:33 CDT 2005

2) Ye Olde / vs \ issue.

   a. The cd command, being a Magic command, seems to always work, as
      long as I use the default directory character which is /.
      Autocomplete adds /, but converts it correctly.  'cd -', 'cd -b
      name', and 'cd -n' formats all work.
   b. It looks like everywhere that saves path names, the correct
      os.sep (\) is being used.  (dhist, bookmark -l, and dirs).
   c. pushd: only works with /
   d. popd: *** does not work.  For some reason it seems to be removing
      ALL the \ characters before attempt to change directories.  Like
      I mentioned, cd -n, and cd -b name all correctly retrieve and
      handle this.
   e. any other (non-cd or pushd) commands, if you change the first
      delimiter to be \ instead of /, then the autocomplete will work.
      You still have to remove the final \.  I believe this is
   f. 2c is a bug.
   g. I think that if the autocomplete would ALWAYS use os.sep,
      instead of / (and modify the cd and pushd commands to use os.sep
      also), then the frustration would be gone.
   h. in the Windows prompt one can set an alternate key for showing
      ONLY the directory names possible for autocomplete.  This would
      be VERY useful.  Currently one can press ^L, but that usually
      shows only the Python variables.  Just an idea.  A keystroke to
      show only the folder or file names possible for autocomplete
      would be cool.  Related, if I have a string with folder
      separators in it, then the TAB show only show files and folders.
   i. and because I'm thinking of it, I see no reason why autocomplete
      should be turned off inside of quotes.  I use this all the type
      in PythonWin when I want to process a folder path, or recall a
      variable name in quotes.

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