[IPython-user] More Windows questions part 1 - pager

Jerry McRae qrs0xyc02 at sneakemail.com
Tue Jun 21 14:46:55 CDT 2005

I know it is stated the IPython is not intended as a shell, that's
what I often use if for in Windows.  It it GREAT to have the power of
Python available at the "command prompt".  I have aliases for various
versions of the DIR command, and an alias to a Windows grep, and I
have Python to control it and to manipulate the output!  Happy, happy,
joy, joy.

There are a couple Windows specific annoyances I would like help

1) the internal pager.

   a. When displaying something on the screen, like the ? command, it
      only displays 1/2 screen before the --Return to continue.. prompt. I
      want it to display a WHOLE PAGE.  Executing a DOS command
      through !xxxx | page correctly stops at a whole page.

   b. When using the PgUp key to see the previous pages in the buffer,
      it is only moving 1/4 page at a time!  So if I just output some
      long thing I have to press the PgUp key 4 times per page.
      Again, I want to see a whole page at a time.

Are these IPython, the readline library, or some setting in Windows?
And does anyone know off hand how to adjust these settings.

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(Python 2.3.5, IPython 0.6.13, Windows XP)

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