[IPython-user] Ipython, XEmacs and working directory

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at gmx.net
Tue Jun 28 07:50:17 CDT 2005

Neilen Marais <junkmail at chatsubo.lagged.za.net> writes:

> Hi!
> I'm using XEmacs 21.4.17 with Ubuntu, python-mode 4.70 and ipython.el
> version 0.6.10. When creating a new python shell buffer, ipython
> will use the working dir of the buffer from where I pressed C-!. On the
> other hand, if I killed the ipython interpreter using C-d, and use C-!
> without first killing the *Python* buffer, it uses the working dir from
> the last session. When using the normal python interpreter, the current
> directory will be set to that of the current buffer when a new interpreter
> is started with C-!, even if the *Python* buffer was not killed.
> Is this a bug in ipython.el, or just undefined behaviour?

Or a feature? :)

Why not just nuke the *Python* buffer if you don't want that behavior? (C-k
RETURN isn't much more typing than C-d)? Is there other stuff in it you'd like
to keep?

I don't find the current behavior particulary unreasonable -- but if you don't
like it I'm certainly happy to accept a patch that controls the default
working dir via a customizable variable.


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