[IPython-user] completion

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Mar 1 23:42:48 CST 2005

Fernando Perez wrote:
> John Hunter wrote:
>>I am using the insight toolkit, which is a C++ library with a python
>>wrapper.  I find that for certain instances, class methods are
>>available by dir but nothing shows up on tab completion.  My get is
>>that there is some getattr magic under the hood that explains this...
>>Is there any way to extend ipython's completion namespace so that it
>>incorporates the information from dir?  Where does ipython get the
>>completion namespace from 

Mmh, I'm stumped here.  I don't have itk, but for vtk I get:

In [5]: reader = vtk.vtkPointSource()

In [6]: reader.
reader.AbortExecuteOff            reader.IsA
reader.AbortExecuteOn             reader.IsTypeOf
reader.AddObserver                reader.Modified
reader.BreakOnError               reader.NewInstance


I mistakenly said before that Numeric arrays exhibited the same behavior.  In 
fact, numeric arrays don't report the shape attribute even to a dir() call. 
And the completion code (in FlexCompleter.py) _does_ use dir():

         expr, attr = m.group(1, 3)
         object = eval(expr, self.namespace)
         words = dir(object)


So I have no clue what the problem with itk may be.  Perhaps we can play later 
with this, I need to release .12 quickly and this is looking like a tricky one.



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