[IPython-user] Using -pylab in Win XP

D Brown dbrown2 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 4 09:19:47 CST 2005

JDH said:
JDH> D Said:   
     D> Recently I upgraded ipython under XP.  I had
previously set the
     D> -pylab option in a shortcut.  After the upgrade I
have not been
    D> able to get this working again and I'm not sure now
about my
    D> previous setup details.

    D> It looks like the shortcut is using ipython.py to
start up
    D> ipython.  If I use "ipython.py -pylab" in the
shortcut or
    D> command line the setting does not work.  What's the
proper way
    D> to start ipython under win32 systems and how can I
get back the
    D> interactive-mode matplotlib capabilities?  Without
this option
    D> I need to use matplotlib's Show() to display the
final plot,
    D> but this freezes ipython until the plot window is
closed (later
    D> interaction is fine however).

JDH> I right click on the ipython icon in the windows start
menu and
JDH> in the "Target:" entry box, use 

JDH>  C:\Python23\python.exe C:\Python23\scripts\ipython


Thanks John.  I missed it somehow.  I'm not clear on how
WinXP/python parses the command line.  Apparently when XP
implicitly finds the application to open the line parsing
changes.  Anyway it works perfectly now.

-- David

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