[IPython-user] Problems with ipython.el

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Mar 17 12:18:14 CST 2005

Yann Le Du wrote:
> Hello Martin,
>>After installing the newest ipython.el from CVS, there are problems with 
>>the command shell. After pressing having started the interpreter with 
>>[C-c !] pressing [C-c C-c] in the Python buffer only executes the buffer 
>>once. Subsequent [C-c C-c] result in the messages in the minibuffer like
>>"File /usr/tmp/python-24276Ndl.py queued for execution"
> Yes, I have the same problem with ipython-0.6.12, I had to go back to the 
> previous version...

Sorry about this folks, it's a little subtle bug that crept in and was tracked 
down by an enterprising new user.  You should be able to use 0.6.12 if you set 
your prompt strings to have an explicit space at the end, in 
~/.ipython/ipythonrc.  For example, mine read:

prompt_in1 'In [\#]: '
prompt_in2 '   .\D.: '
prompt_out 'Out[\#]: '

That single missing space is confusing the lisp regexp which identifies that 
the prompt came back.

Let me know if this helps, please.



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