[IPython-user] Re: User having problems with jedit on OSX

Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Mar 19 15:55:01 CST 2005

Quoting Jon Schull <jschull at digitalgoods.com>:

> thanks Fernando
> I suppose another possibility would be to run jEdit.jar than "open
> JEdit.app" ?
> But I don't know enough java to  really understand what it takes to run
> jEdit.jar....

Well, this may be the easiest solution:

> > Another option would be to write a custom editor hook which checks on
> > the process id with a wait(), the subprocess module could be used for
> > that.  The editor hook can be customized as indicated in
> > IPython/hooks.py.

This gives you full control of how the editor is open (there's an example in
there).  The supbrocess module can be used for this, as it provides an easy
wait() method on the returned objects:


You can copy it to your system if you are not a 2.4 user, or just do the
equivalent calls using the older os calls (the docs give plenty of examples).

Alternatively, don't use edit at all :)  Frankly, I don't use it myself, though
it's there because many users like it.  My normal operation mode is just to
keep a standalone editor open (xemacs in my case), and just have ipython
running in a terminal.  I simply use %run to run any script I want and go back
and forth between my editor and the terminal.  I just mention it for reference,
everyone has a personal workflow they like.



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