[IPython-user] Re: User having problems with jedit on OSX

Robert Kern rkern at ucsd.edu
Sat Mar 19 16:25:02 CST 2005

Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu wrote:
> Quoting Jon Schull <jschull at digitalgoods.com>:
>>thanks Fernando
>>I suppose another possibility would be to run jEdit.jar than "open
>>JEdit.app" ?
>>But I don't know enough java to  really understand what it takes to run

You could also set the editor to
"/Application/jEdit 4.2/jEdit.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub", 
although spaces may be a problem (which can be solved by renaming the 
jEdit directory). However, jEdit is slow to load and may not save the 
file to the right spot automatically. So, I'll enthusiastically second 
Fernando's recommendation:

> Alternatively, don't use edit at all :)  Frankly, I don't use it myself, though
> it's there because many users like it.  My normal operation mode is just to
> keep a standalone editor open (xemacs in my case), and just have ipython
> running in a terminal.  I simply use %run to run any script I want and go back
> and forth between my editor and the terminal.  I just mention it for reference,
> everyone has a personal workflow they like.

Another factor to recommend this approach is that  your position in the 
file and all of your undo history is maintained between context 
switches. This can be quite important when you're futzing around with 
the same bit of code in a largish file.

Robert Kern
rkern at ucsd.edu

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