[IPython-user] Using __IP.push()

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Mar 23 09:37:54 CST 2005

Le Mercredi 23 Mars 2005 15:58, Fernando Perez a écrit :

> I think you misunderstood something.  Do you want access to push() from
> an outside program, or from within ipython itself?  If the above line is
> run within ipython itself, it will obviously produce something very
> bizarre, since ipython will try to use push() on your own call to push().
>  This is recursive, and will likely blow up.

Ok, I understand the recursion problem !

> Now, the restriction of this not working from inside ipython itself
> remains, because of the recursive problem.  However, if for some reason
> you do need to access runlines from within a running ipython, you can
> write a magic to do so.

Yes, I would like to have it works from inside ipython. I already have a 
magic called 'do' which takes a batch file as argument. At the moment, the 
batch file can only contain magics, because I use the magic() method to 
execute lines. Here is the code :

def magic_do(self, parameter_s=''):
    """ do magic command.
    myParser = ILLParserTPG()
    cmd = 'do ' + parameter_s
        command = myParser(cmd)
        fileName = command['fileName']
        file_ = open(fileName, "r")
        for line in file_:
            if line[0] != '#':
                args = line.split()
                ipmagic(args[0], ' '.join(args[1:]))
    except SyntacticError:

InteractiveShell.magic_do = magic_do
del magic_do

I would like to treat both magic and python code here. But even in this 
magic, I get a recursion problem.


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