[IPython-user] Re: Wiki

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Fri Mar 25 08:10:12 CST 2005

Le Vendredi 25 Mars 2005 14:51, Robert Kern a écrit :

> > But maybe we should make 2 pages: one with some examples of
> > implementation, like in my doc, which works, and another one with user
> > requested, and some code suggestion of how it should run.
> Meh. It's a wiki. If you don't like what's there, change it! If we don't
> like what you changed, we'll change it back!

Sure, but maybe you want to build the wiki tree in our own way...

And I'm not yet familiar with Plone wiki. I don't want to make mistakes 
before I'm sure to be able to do things correctly :o/


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