[IPython-user] Problems with ipython.el

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sat Mar 26 15:27:25 CST 2005

Alexander Schmolck wrote:

>>At any rate, the CVS code has now the corrected prompts everywhere, so most
>>people should be OK.  I'd just like to make the emacs support a bit more
>>robust, if possible.
> If you want I can certainly do it -- but I guess one of the reasons why I made
> the regexp fairly fuzzy was robustness (i.e. avoiding false positives)
> -- since the "standard" prompts already can be quite complex and varied (e.g.
> command rewriting and multiline stuff).

I guess just catching that optional final space is all I care about.  It's 
nigh impossible to configure ipython.el to recognize any prompt, since ipython 
allows you to shove arbitrary code (you can put rand() in there, if you want 
:) in your prompt.  So just catching the possibility that the default prompts 
may or may not have spaces after the ':' is more than enough in my book.

Anyone playing fancier tricks than that with their prompt will have to dig 
into their regexp/elisp manuals, and I'm fine with that.



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