[IPython-user] Problem under windows

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Wed Mar 30 12:46:31 CST 2005

David Guaraglia wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> My problem is the following: I have ipython installed and it works OK, even with autocompletion, but when I press '?' (the interrogation mark character) I get a loud beep on the speaker and that's all. I don't get it output to the screen, so I can never use commands in the form "whatever?" to get information about an object/class/package. Besides that everything works OK.
> My setup is currently:
> Windows XP
> Python 2.4.1c2
> ctypes 0.9.6
> pywin32 203
> Gary Bishop's readline 1.12
> ipython 0.6.12
> Anyone has the same problem? Maybe my keyboard is the problem? (I use a brazilian abtn2 distribution).

The keyboard sounds like a possible culprit.  Note that in the meantime, since 
I can't really help you with a Windows issue I can't reproduce myself, I can 
offer a workaround.

foo? is just syntactic sugar for pinfo foo.  So you can get both foo? and 
foo?? as follows:

pinfo foo  <==> foo?  or ?foo
pinfo ?foo <==> foo?? or ??foo

Note that 'pinfo foo?' doesn't work, because 'pinfo foo' is not an object for 
which ? can do anything.

This is not ideal, but it will at least give you a workaround.  I will venture 
that the real solution will probably require something in Gary's readline, it 
may be getting confused by some of the character codes generated by your 
brazilian keyboard.



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