[IPython-user] startup home or working directory question on WinXP

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu May 5 17:41:40 CDT 2005

D Brown wrote:

> In any case thanks for the clarification on ipython
> behavior.  I'm still a bit confused over what the Winxx
> conventions are.  I do recall that home path names have
> changed in different OS versions.  A topic for future study
> I guess.

Well, I'll gladly incorporate a patch which improves on the current situation, 
as long as experienced Windows users (I'm not one such beast) tell me that:

- it works reasonably across the myriad Windows versions out there

- it does the right thing across languages (so no paths hardcoded in English, 
we used to have this and I got bug reports from users with Windows in other 

- it works OK regardless of where things are installed (C:\Windows, others...)

This means that such code has to be written to pull all the information off 
the registry (not from the filesystem).  Since these keys have changed over 
the years, the code will probably have to try/except around quite a bit.

As you can see, for someone like me who has no Windows expertise nor computers 
running windows, this is no easy task.  But for a good windows developer it 
may be a 5 minute job, so I'll be happy to take in such a patch (against 
current CVS, as a unified diff).



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