[IPython-user] remapping ctrl-$ away from %Quit

Christopher Hart hart at caltech.edu
Thu May 5 18:15:41 CDT 2005


This seems trivial, but I can't find a solution.

How can I make it so ctrl-$ does not exit from ipython without
confirming.  Since I set readline to be in vi-mode, I'm frequently
reaching for $ to move to the end of the line, and I apparently I often
also hit ctrl when I hit shift.  

In my ipyhthonrc file confirm_exit is set to 1, and if I type ctrl-D,
I'm greeted with the confirmation prompt, but if I hit ctrl-$,  the
@Quit magic function is called and I'm back at the shell.    

I'm not sure exactly when this new feature came into ipython, but its
present in the standard debian package version 0.6.12-4.  

--thanks for any help.


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