[IPython-user] edit no longer working

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon May 16 13:34:41 CDT 2005

danny shevitz wrote:
> Howdy, 
> I'm having weird behavior and wonder if anyone could make some
> suggestions. I trying to use magic edit. I'm on a Win2K box, Python
> 2.3.4,
> IPython 0.6.13.
> I have set my editor to TextPad in my IPythonrc file. When at the
> IPython prompt I type edit, I pull up a TextPad window with a temp
> file, but when I save the file, no text is ever read into the IPython
> session. It is as if the file is blank. I have full priveleges to the
> temp folder. I can browse there and see the files just fine. Any ideas?
> BTW, this was working before and is no longer working. To the best of
> my knowledge, I have not changed my IPythonrc file.

Mmh, no idea.  I just checked on my local copy (linux), and it's working fine 
here, so I'm quite puzzled, sorry to say.



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