[IPython-user] the edit magic saga continues...

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue May 17 12:38:55 CDT 2005

danny shevitz wrote:
> So after stepping through the code, magic edit was working. Then it
> stopped working again. I have debugged some more and have further
> trapped the problem. What seems to be the problem is that in
> hooks.editor the
> os.system call (line 72) is not waiting for the editor to close the
> process before returning. In other words os.system(editor)is returning
> immediately, before the editor is closed, so I always get empty text
> returned. Any changes to the temp file are never recorded.
> Any ideas how to proceed from here...

Good job.  Have a look at the docstring for hooks.py, which indicates how to 
define your own editor hook.  You'll have to write a function with the same 
signature, whic waits correctly under win32.  You can then set this as your 
own hook in your config file.

The default hook is a very basic one, whcih works OK under *nix and perhaps 
for notepad under win32, but it has very little smarts.  That's why the hooks 
mechanism was put in place: so users could define arbitrarily fine-tuned 
editor handling functions.

I hope this helps,


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