[IPython-user] .py file stuck open?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu May 19 01:05:15 CDT 2005

D Brown wrote:

> I have tried execfile('runsim.py') a couple times and do
> not see the problem.
> If I "run runsim.py" it appears the runsim.py file remains
> open after the error.
> For this test shutil.rmtree() is giving the error.  To
> generate an error I open one of the files with notepad so
> it can't be deleted.

OK, I think I did find a bug.  Since I don't really know how easy it is for 
you to work with cvs, I've put up a test release here:


I'd appreciate it if you could test it and let me know if it does address the 



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