[IPython-user] [ANN] IPython 0.6.14.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue May 31 01:42:25 CDT 2005

Hi all,

I've just made the 0.6.14 release of IPython, mostly to fix the 
inevitable bugs reported after the .13 one (though one big improvement 
sneaked by).

IPython's homepage is at:


and downloads are at:


I've provided RPMs (for Python 2.3 and 2.4, built under Fedora Core 3), 
plus source downloads (.tar.gz).  Fedora users should note that IPython 
is now officially part of the Extras repository, so they can get the 
update from there as well (though it may lag by a few days).

There is also a native win32 installer which should work correctly for 
both Python 2.3 and 2.4.

Debian, Fink and BSD packages for this version should be coming soon, as 
the respective maintainers (many thanks to Jack Moffit, Andrea Riciputi 
and Dryice Liu) have the time to follow their packaging procedures.

Many thanks to Enthought for their continued hosting support for 
IPython, and to all the users who contributed ideas, fixes and reports.

I'd like to add a special thanks to Denis Rivière, Yann Cointepas and 
Benjamin Thyreau for their hard work on the Qt improvements, and for 
their overall hospitality.  Python really seems to have a remarkably 
friendly community, worldwide!

Release notes

As always, the NEWS file can be found at http://ipython.scipy.org/NEWS, 
and the full ChangeLog at http://ipython.scipy.org/ChangeLog.  The 
highlights of this release follow.

This is mainly a bugfix release, to clean up the problems reported in 
0.6.13.  As I said at the time, I intend to start new development now 
(more details on that in a separate email).  As always, however, a few 
new goodies managed to sneak by.

* A new -qthread option to support controlling Qt apps from within 
ipython, similar to what -gthread and -wthread do for GTK/WX.  This was 
contributed by Denis Rivière <nudz-AT-free.fr>, Yann Cointepas 
<yann-AT-sapetnioc.org> and Benjamin Thyreau <Benji2-AT-decideur.info>. 
  Many thanks to them!  The lack of Qt support was a glaring omission of 
ipython's gui features, so I'm extremely happy to have their contribution.

   For those of you who may be matplotlib users as well, I should note 
that as of mpl 0.81 (the next release, or use current CVS), the -pylab 
option will also support interactive matplotlib use with the Qt backend. 
  This is also thanks to work done by Denis, Yann and Benjamin against 
the matplotlib Qt backend, in conjunction with the IPython improvements.

* New -e option to %run to suppress tracebacks from sys.exit() calls. 
This can be very useful to silence all the noise generated when running 
unittests from within ipython.

* New ';' escape to autoquote a line without splitting:

In [6]: ,foo a b c
------> foo("a", "b", "c")

In [7]: ;foo a b c
------> foo("a b c")

In the process, I fixed ',' quoting, which I'd broken in .13.

* Fix -wthread to work with WXPython 2.6 (this also impacts matplotlib 
users who run the WX backend).

* Added new matcher (it goes at the end of the priority list) to do 
tab-completion on named function arguments.  Submitted by George Sakkis 
<gsakkis-AT-eden.rutgers.edu>.  See the thread at


for more details.

* Various other fixes for obscure bugs, but all of which caused reported 
IPython crashes.  Details in Changelog.

Enjoy, and as usual please report any problems.



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