[IPython-user] Windows keybinding for readline?

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Thu Nov 17 15:04:57 CST 2005

Bas wrote:
> Hi group,
> I am a a long time matlab user on windows I found it time to look for something
> new. I did look around a bit, and for me scipy+matplotlib+ipython looks
> promising in the long term.
> I did install IPython according to the manual and everything seems to work. The
> only problem for me is the readline interface, which makes my head spin. I have
> no experience at all with vi or emacs or whatever you guys use on unix, and i
> have no plans on learning any of these.
> The obvious question (probably asked before): is it possible to modify readline
> to behave more like the windows standard. Things like shift+home to make a
> selection till the beginning of the line, control+X or shift+del for cut,
> control+left to move a word left. The more it looks like the matlab interface
> the better for me. Is this possible by just tweaking some configuration file, or
> would this require a complete rewrite of readline? From what I read the copying
> behavior is totally different, so expect some problems with that.

Unfortunately I don't really know the answer to this.  The win32 readline is 
not a real GNU readline, but rather a partial reimplementation of the API. 
With GNU readline, I think what you want is possible by editing the ~/.inputrc 
file (or at least a good part of that).   But I don't known how much of this 
can be done in a win32 environment.

Perhaps one of our more seasoned win32 users knows what to do here.



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