[IPython-user] Avoiding autocompletion for private variables

Francesc Altet faltet at carabos.com
Fri Nov 25 08:31:21 CST 2005

A Divendres 25 Novembre 2005 13:08, Francesc Altet va escriure:
> I've setup the next directive in my ~/.ipython/ipythonrc:
> readline_omit__names 1
> but ipython keeps showing my the variables that start with '_' when
> hitting TAB twice:
> In [5]:f.
> f._File__getRootGroup      f._pttoh5                  f.format_version
> f._aliveNodes              f._refNode                 f.getAttrNode
> f._checkGroup              f._reverseRecArray         f.getCurrentMark
> [snipped...]
> What I'm doing wrong?

I've found the problem. I installed a new version of ipython, but
forgot to update the ipythonrc, so I was not aware that setting
'readline_omit__names' to 2 does what I want.


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