[IPython-user] ERROR: Internal Python error in the inspect module.

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 18 12:25:38 CDT 2005

Ryan Krauss wrote:
> I found it.  I went through the code with the pdb and realized I was
> forgetting that a=b just creates a reference for a complex data type. 
> It seems like the underlying problem is that I ended up trying to plot
> 2 vectors of different lengths using pylab.semilogx(x,y).  I was
> truncating vector y each time I ran the file.  This error message just
> made the whole thing seem catastrophic.

Just to clarify: that nasty message is because if inspect throws an execption 
on me while I'm trying to build a traceback, there's nothing I can do other 
than inform the user and move on.  If I don't have that in place, ipython 
would blow up (which it used to do).  I've never found a small, reproducible 
test case for this, so I can track down the inspect bug and send it to the 
Python bug tracker.  If you happen to have such a beast, by all means send it 
and we'll try to resolve the problem where it really lives, which is in the 
upstream python core.



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