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Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Sun Oct 23 13:40:50 CDT 2005

Hi Eric,

I'm cc-ing the ipython user list because I prefer to continue this discussion
on-list.  We may get help from other win32 users, and it will also get archived
for future reference.  Here's the list page (you need to subscribe to post - too
much spam):


Quoting Eric Zollars <zollars at caltech.edu>:

> Unfortunately not.
> Install ends with same error.
> Installed:
> ctypes-0.9.6.win32-py2.3.exe
> readline-1.12.win32.exe

I've failed to reproduce your problem. Here's what I installed (in that order):

python 2.3.5 from python.org
pywin32 build 204
ctypes 0.9.6
readline 1.12 - installed for py2.3
ipython 0.6.15 - official download from ipython.scipy.org

I can't really test the enthought build right now, because it's an enormous
download and I'm home on a slow link, it would take all day to download.  But
it sounds like there's a problem with their setup.

The above process went by without a hitch for me.  The traceback you posted:

>>   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\FlexCompleter.py", line
>>198, in ?
>>     readline.set_completer(Completer().complete)
>>AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'set_completer'
>>*** run_installscript: internal error 0xFFFFFFFF ***

points to a readline problem.  It looks like you are not picking up the proper
readline.  Please try to open a regular python shell and do thi

>>> import readline
>>> dir(readline)

The output I get is:

['CTRL', 'Console', 'GetOutputFile', 'PyReadline', 'Readline', '__all__', '__bui
ltins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__path__', 'add_history', 'c32', '
commonprefix', 'get_begidx', 'get_completer', 'get_completer_delims', 'get_endid
x', 'get_history_length', 'get_line_buffer', 'glob', 'insert_text', 'key_text_to
_keyinfo', 'keysyms', 'log', 'math', 'operator', 'os', 'parse_and_bind', 'quote_
char', 're', 'read_history_file', 'read_init_file', 'rl', 'set_completer', 'set_
completer_delims', 'set_history_length', 'set_pre_input_hook', 'set_startup_hook
', 'string', 'sys', 'traceback', 'write_history_file']

Also show us this:

>>> print readline.__file__

The UNC readline _does_ have the needed method, so you must somehow be picking
up an invalid one...

[Off-topic, or the old ipython-users members] I'm coming out of the closet right
now...  This week I got a PC where I'm installing win32 :)  We all have a price,
and eventually a project came where I needed to use win32, so I'm actually
typing this email in Firefox under WinXP.

I've spent the whole weekend trying to turn this godforsaken wasteland of
technical misdecisions into something bearable, and I'm making some progress
thanks to Cygwin and a native XEmacs... The upshot is that for the foreseeable
future, I'll be able to test win32 issues myself, which will be a good thing. 
I'm still pretty ignorant on many things related to the platform, but at least
I'll be able to see the problems directly, instead of debugging by proxy.

Anyway, back on to Eric's problem.

> Is the ipython.exe supposed to be in C:\Python23?

There is no ipython.exe, the 'executable' ipython is just a starter python
script, which gets called via python.  A shortcut is made in your start menu by
the installer which points to:

C:\Python23\python.exe C:\Python23\scripts\ipython

> ipython-wininst.log ends with:
> 300 Run Script:
> [python23.dll]C:\Python23\Scripts\ipython_win_post_install.py
> *** Installation finished 2005/10/22 23:22 ***



[ Background of our original discussion for the archive:]

> Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu wrote:
> > Hi Eric,
> >
> > Quoting Eric Zollars <zollars at caltech.edu>:
> >
> >
> >>Fernando-
> >>	I am trying to setup ipython on a windows machine.  I downloaded the
> >>enthought python package (http://www.enthought.com/python/) which
> >>apparently has pywin32,readline,and ctypes.  The error I get on
> >>installation of ipython is already listed on your site:
> >>
> >>Traceback (most recent call last):
> >>   File "<string>", line 74, in ?
> >>   File "<string>", line 16, in install
> >>   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\__init__.py", line 52, in ?
> >>     __import__(name,glob,loc,[])
> >>   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\Shell.py", line 30, in ?
> >>     from IPython.iplib import InteractiveShell
> >>   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\iplib.py", line 176, in ?
> >>     from IPython import FlexCompleter
> >>   File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\IPython\FlexCompleter.py", line
> >>198, in ?
> >>     readline.set_completer(Completer().complete)
> >>AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'set_completer'
> >>*** run_installscript: internal error 0xFFFFFFFF ***
> >>
> >>What do I need to do?  I noticed the ctypes with enthought is old and I
> >>am unsure which readline is included.  Any help is appreciated, python
> >>on windows is new to me.
> >
> >
> > I think you'll need to manually update to a more current ctypes.  If I
> recall
> > correctly, Enthon ships with ctypes 0.6.X, which is not enough for proper
> > readline support.  It should be possible for you to just update ctypes and
> > readline to the current ones, and then install ipython without further
> > troubles.
> >
> > Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll try to assist you further.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > f

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