[IPython-user] ipython windows

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Oct 24 15:06:31 CDT 2005

Hi Eric,

Eric Zollars wrote:
> I uninstalled ipython and readline.  Since I had allowed readline to 
> overwrite the previous (Enthought) readline this left me with an empty 
> readline folder in site-packages.  Reinstalled readline-1.12
>  >>import readline
>  >>dir(readline)
> ['PyReadline','__builtins__','__doc__','__file__','__none__','__path__']
>  >>print readline.__file__
> C:\Python23\lib\site-packages\readline\__init__.pyc
> So obviously I am not getting the expected result but I do not know why.
> Eric

> Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu wrote:

>>The output I get is:
>>['CTRL', 'Console', 'GetOutputFile', 'PyReadline', 'Readline', '__all__', '__bui
>>ltins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__path__', 'add_history', 'c32', '
>>commonprefix', 'get_begidx', 'get_completer', 'get_completer_delims', 'get_endid
>>x', 'get_history_length', 'get_line_buffer', 'glob', 'insert_text', 'key_text_to
>>_keyinfo', 'keysyms', 'log', 'math', 'operator', 'os', 'parse_and_bind', 'quote_
>>char', 're', 'read_history_file', 'read_init_file', 'rl', 'set_completer', 'set_
>>completer_delims', 'set_history_length', 'set_pre_input_hook', 'set_startup_hook
>>', 'string', 'sys', 'traceback', 'write_history_file']

well, it's quite strange: you seem to be getting an _incomplete_ readline 
import.  You may want to look inside the readline directory and see if the 
code looks OK, and/or put a few print statements inside there, to see why it's 
not building a complete module.

Check for issues with ctypes imports inside readline and too-eager try/except 
blocks which may be trapping an error and silencing it.

Very strange.



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