[IPython-user] ipython windows

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Tue Oct 25 16:18:25 CDT 2005

Eric Zollars wrote:
> The solution to getting ipython working on Windows Enthought Python is 
> very simple: follow the directions on the ipython website.
> New downloads of PyWin32,CTypes,and Readline lead to an IPython that can 
> be imported. (I had thought Enthought came with PyWin32.)
> Now, simple question.  How do I get ipython running from the windows 
> command line?

The ipython installer should have created an IPython shortcut for you which 
calls ipython into a terminal.  You can look at the properties for that 
shortcut to see what it does, it's basically:

/path/to/python.exe /path/to/python/scripts/ipython

I guess you can make a little alias to that and put it somewhere in your 
windows path.

I know very little about these kinds of details in windows, so perhaps someone 
else will correct me or provide a cleaner/easier solution.



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