[IPython-user] Problems with IPython and gtk-win32-devel-2.6.10-rc1.exe/pygtk-

Sean M. Moore smm at ibl.bm
Sat Oct 29 20:22:23 CDT 2005

I installed IPython yesterday to try it out, worked fine including the
pylab mode
Today, I decided to update my python install as some of the 
packages were getting a bit crufty, and now I am having some
problems with IPython.
Actually IPython runs fine, but if I run -pylab, it runs really slowly -

like every character you type, you watch the cursor go back to the
start of the line, and then move back to the end, and then accept
the next charater, must be a couple of seconds for each character.
Needless to say this is excruciatingly painful.  
At first I thought it was matplotlib, so I uninstalled it and went
back to a previous version, but that made no difference.  Then 
after reading a bit about the IPython Shell.start().mainloop()
I decided to try with some other versions.  Again, if I start
with no params, it runs fine, same for -tk, but if I start with 
-gthread, I get the behavior I described above.  Everything
works, but the keyboard input is r_e_a_l_l_y   s_l_o_w
I'm running winXP and just made a clean install of python
and the following packages
(before I was running python-2.3.4 and gtk-win32-devel-2.4-rc23.exe ...)
Anyway, has anyone else had this problem with gtk 2.6 and pylab?
and are there any fixes?
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