[IPython-user] Problems with IPython and gtk-win32-devel-2.6.10-rc1.exe/pygtk-

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Oct 31 13:32:51 CST 2005

Sean Moore wrote:

 > Fernando,
 > played with the values a bit, first tried TIMEOUT=200, but way too slow,
 > so settled on TIMEOUT=10 and then on setcheckinterval(20) and that was
 > working nicely, but then I discovered idle_add for gtk and that works without
 > adjusting either of the parameters, basically  around line 628 in Shell.py I
 > replaced this:
 >          self.gtk.timeout_add(self.TIMEOUT, self.on_timer)
 > with this (borrowed a bit from you svn code)

Mmh, does this mean that SVN has the problem already fixed?

Man, I'm smart ;)



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