[IPython-user] Evaluation of arbitrary expressions in the prompt

Frédéric Mantegazza mantegazza at ill.fr
Wed Sep 14 06:40:43 CDT 2005

Le Mercredi 14 Septembre 2005 13:13, Michael Scarpa  string a écrit :

> I just found out that this behavior disappeared when using the most
> recent version of IPython. Sorry for the fuzz. Still, I would like to
> know if doing this using the prompt string is the best way, or if there
> is a more feasible way to achieve what I need.

If your goal is just to have a method executed, and don't need to display 
anything in the prompt, then it could be nice to have a special hook for 
that (even if the prompt way is working).

Fernando, what about 2 additional hooks : one to execute arbitrary code 
*before* the input string is executed, and one *after* ?

An interesting things could be to analyse input code, and maybe modify it 
before having ipython executing it. The same for output: one could 
check/modify the answer before ipython prints it (the way it is done for 
exceptions hook).


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