[IPython-user] Re: ipython.el extensions

Stefan Reichör stefan at xsteve.at
Fri Sep 30 01:51:55 CDT 2005

Carlos Pita <carlosjosepita at yahoo.com.ar> writes:

> Hi all!
> I've written a couple of functions enhancing the
> ipython emacs mode. One of them provide autocompletion
> including:
>   * integration with icicles and icomplete+
>     (you complete in the minibuffer, can iterate over
>      completions, match by prefix or regex, etc)
>   * the comint interaction with ipython autocompletion
>     mechanism simulates normal user interaction
>     (instead of sending
>      "...(__IP.Completer.all_completions('%s')...";
>      under the hoods:
>       - tabs are sent as needed
>       - "display all possibilities..." question is answered
>       - "--More--" offerts are accepted by sending an space
>       etc.)
>     This allows ipython to complete the entire line
>     instead of just the current indentifier. That is:
>     file and ipython magic commands autocompletion are
>     working too (fulfilling the desire of the author of this
>      comment:
>       ;; XXX currently we go backwards to find the beginning of an
>       ;; expression part; a more powerful approach in the future might be
>       ;; to let ipython have the complete line, so that context can be used
>       ;; to do things like filename completion etc.).
>     Also, the prompt number is maintained instead of being
>     annoyingly incremented after each completion.
> The other function provides a simple utility to show
> the documentation corresponding to the current symbol.
> The ipython inferior buffer is "popped up" displaying
> the requested information. This is to facilitate the
> access to documentation while coding inside a
> python-mode buffer. Autocompletion can be used from
> python-mode buffers too (but of course file and magic
> command completion will render useless here).
> I'm still testing this extensions but I find them
> pretty usable and very convenient. I don't know
> if they work with xemacs. If anyone wants
> to give them a chance just email me.

Any news on the status of this extensions?

Carlos, I tried to reach you via mail. But I got no answer.
So I try it again via the ipython list.

I really would like to see your improvements in the core ipython.el!


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