[IPython-user] ANN: New IPython videos at ShowMeDo.com

Ian Ozsvald ian at showmedo.com
Thu Apr 6 16:46:36 CDT 2006

Kyran and I are rather pleased to announce that we have new IPython videos over at http://ShowMeDo.com.  

Jerol Harrington is our first user to contribute a set of videos, the first two parts of his Introducing Python Objects using IPython are on-line now:
and the third part will be up on Monday.  The third part will be the longest, clocking in at a whopping 24 minutes and covering some beginner/intermediate-level 'class' topics.

Currently we have 19 ShowMeDo videos, 16 of which are about Python with 6 covering IPython.  Jerol wanted to introduce Python Objects as a precursor to our videos on wxPython, he figured trying wxPython without some background on objects would be very painful.

These videos play on Windows, Mac and Linux using QuickTime or the Video Lan Client, we're using the well-established QuickTime 6 format so codecs are readily available.  More videos are in preparation as are site updates - we'd love to hear feedback and requests for new ShowMeDos or features.  If anyone here would like to talk about sharing IPython knowledge as a ShowMeDo...please, drop me a line!

This is a follow-up to Fernando's February 11th message

Regards (and thanks Fernando!),

Ian. (ian AT showmedo.com)

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