[IPython-user] running ipython from command line with pysh profile does not work

Fernando Perez Fernando.Perez at colorado.edu
Mon Apr 10 02:54:45 CDT 2006

Krishna Mohan Gundu wrote:
> eventhough when run as 'ipython test.py' instead of 'python test.py'
> are you saying ipython commands cannot be run as a batch job? or
> rather ipython is not an interpreter?

It's worth mentioning that part of the reason why this didn't work out of the 
box is precisely because I originally tried to hold strong to the notion that 
'ipython is not an interpreter'.  I saw the extensions ipython introduces as 
purely syntactic sugar for interactive use, partly because I didn't want to 
make it look like I was creating a new language on top of python.  That's why 
the logs always write out the transformed input in proper python form.

But I guess that if people find a tool useful, they're just going to use it :) 
    I guess, in light of this kind of usage growing, we should document a bit 
more explicitly exactly what extensions we make which define 'the ipython 
language' (tongue firmly in cheek).  At least this should give people some 
guarantees of what can and can not be done in ipython.

I still think that

ipython foo.py

should treat its input as pure python, but we could certainly add a switch to 
process an input file as 'ipython source', and do so automatically for .ipy 



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