[IPython-user] Bus error

Zachary Pincus zpincus at stanford.edu
Wed Apr 12 12:17:32 CDT 2006

Any chance your version of readline is 5.1, without the patches?

I had this problem when using a gnu readline library (v5.1) that I  
had built from source. I solved it by applying the patches for  
readline 5.1 and rebuilding.

Your best bet to isolate this is to run python under GDB.
gdb python
 >>> import IPython
 >>> IPython.Shell.IPShell().mainloop(sys_exit=1)
In [1]: foo[up arrow]
(gdb catches the bus error)

and then look to see what code is executing at the top of the  
backtrace. I bet it's readline.

Zach Pincus

Program in Biomedical Informatics and Department of Biochemistry
Stanford University School of Medicine

On Apr 12, 2006, at 8:55 AM, Michael Broe wrote:

> If I have partially (or completely) entered a command onto a line,
> then hit the up arrow, I cannot scroll back through history, and
> worse, if I hit up twice, or hit up then down, I get a bus error and
> am ejected from ipython. In the following, I type in "print range"
> then hit the up arrow twice:
> ~ $ ipython
> Python 2.4.3 (#1, Apr  7 2006, 10:54:33)
> Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
> IPython 0.7.1.fix1 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
> ?       -> Introduction to IPython's features.
> %magic  -> Information about IPython's 'magic' % functions.
> help    -> Python's own help system.
> object? -> Details about 'object'. ?object also works, ?? prints more.
> In [1]: print rangeBus error
> ~ $ ipython
> That "ipython" after the last prompt is not typed in by me, it is
> accessed in the bash histroy by the second "up" I send. If I do "up"
> then "down", I'm dumped out to a bare prompt ~ $.
> Is this peculiar to my installation (I'm using the latest MacPython)?
> Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Mike
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