[IPython-user] Ipython and PyDev

Carroll, Barry Barry.Carroll at psc.com
Fri Apr 28 14:06:04 CDT 2006


Our test group is putting together a scripting/testing environment for our new automated test system for barcode scanners and imagers.  We have settled on Ipython as the interactive shell to use.  

We want to integrate Ipython into an existing IDE if possible.  At present we are trying it out with PyDev.  My partner and I have had partial success in configuring Ipython to run as an external tool in PyDev's console, but we are still having some problems: e.g. cursor positioning.  I have searched the Web and turned up several other requests for this capability, but no info on how to do it.

Has anyone accomplished this?  Is there a link to a tutorial, How-To, etc.,  on the Web?  

Thanks in advance for any help provided.  

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