[IPython-user] ipython embedded in a responsive GTK application?

John Pye john.pye at student.unsw.edu.au
Tue Aug 8 18:49:29 CDT 2006

Hi there

I've read your notes on embedding ipython in other applications, and I
succeeded in adding an interface to the ASCEND modelling system
(https://pse.cheme.cmu.edu/wiki/view/Ascend/WebHome) that allows me to
query our object heirarchy.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to discover (a) how to keep the main
GTK window response after firing up the console and (b) how to make the
console input/output appear in a new xterm window in front of the main
GTK window.

Although currently our application is a console-plus-popup-window
application, we ultimately intend that it will run without any need for
the original console, and for that reason, we'd want the ipython console
to be activated in a new window.

I assumed I would be able to do this using perhaps the python
'subprocess' module coupled with ipython, but I haven't been able to
work it out yet. Any help would be appreciated.


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