[IPython-user] ipython/matplotlib question

belinda thom bthom at cs.hmc.edu
Mon Dec 4 14:06:44 CST 2006


I understand ipython -pylab is supposed to do most of the setup work  
for matplotlib.

I've not been able to use (the rec'd) TkAgg as my backend in  
matplotlibrc (doing so results in an ImportError: No module named  
_tkagg). All of my dependent installs (python24, ipython, matplotlib)  
have been thru macports.

An informative page (http://howdy.physics.nyu.edu/index.php/ 
Numpy_For_Mac_Using_Macports) mentions that only the wxPython GUI  
env. works on macports matplotlib, so I've just installed py-wxpython  
(and have changed matplotlibrc so that bacakend is WxAgg).

Now when I run:

   ipython -pylab

and get:


2 % ipython -pylab
Python 2.4.3 (#1, Nov  9 2006, 12:26:57)
Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.

IPython 0.7.2 -- An enhanced Interactive Python.
?       -> Introduction to IPython's features.
%magic  -> Information about IPython's 'magic' % functions.
help    -> Python's own help system.
object? -> Details about 'object'. ?object also works, ?? prints more.

   Welcome to pylab, a matplotlib-based Python environment.
   For more information, type 'help(pylab)'.

In [1]: This program needs access to the screen. Please run with  
not 'python', and only when you are logged in on the main display of
your Mac.


The terminal dies; to quit I use kill -9 (or press the red kill  
button). Note that I tried running ipython from an xterm (does this  

Advice greatly appreciated. I'm totally stumped.


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