[IPython-user] Problem with import_some in profiles ?

David Cournapeau david at ar.media.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Mon Dec 11 21:50:47 CST 2006

Hi there,

    I am trying to create a profile for signal processing with ipython: 
I copied the ipythonrc-physics, and it looks like:

# First load basic user configuration
include ipythonrc

# import ...
# Module with alternate input syntax for PhysicalQuantity objects.
#import_mod IPython.Extensions.PhysicalQInput



# from ... import 
#import_all math IPython.Extensions.PhysicalQInteractive

# from ... import 
import_some pyaudio wavread      

    When I start ipython -p sig, numpy and scipy are available as 
expected, but not wavread (note that doing from pyaudio import wavread 
DOES work). I don't have any error; in fact, if I pass a bogus name, I 
don't have errors either:

    import_some pyyyyyyyyaudio wavread

    Whereas for a bogus package in import_mod, I do get an error.

    I don't know if this is relevant information, but I don't run 
ipython directly: I run lipython, which is a shell alias for ipython 
with a PYTHONPATH pointing to some locally compiled package, including 
the above numpy/scipy/pyaudio (I don't have root access to my workstation),



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