[IPython-user] problem with wthread and pdb

danny shevitz danny_shevitz at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 15 15:08:54 CST 2006

I am having a problem running under wthread. I'm running Ipython 0.7.3, python 2.5, on windows...

I am trying to locate a bug in an event handler in a wxPython app, so in IPython I am running with the debug flag

run -d -b200 gui2.py

where line 200 is the first code line of an event handler. The problem is that when I type this, and type "c"
in pdb, I am immediately kicked back to the shell prompt, not a pdb prompt.

Here's a shell transcript:

In [4]: run -d -b200 gui2
Breakpoint 1 at e:\working copies\logicmodels\code\logicmodels\gui2.py:200
NOTE: Enter 'c' at the ipdb> prompt to start your script.
> <string>(1)<module>()


In [5]:

this isn't what I would expect, but I don't understand the threading model well enough to know if
I can't do what I want, or I'm just doing something stupid, or there is a bug.

Is there any way to single step through an event handler?
Any help?


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