[IPython-user] Suggestion for ipython on Windows

Pete Forman pete.forman at westerngeco.com
Thu Dec 21 06:34:00 CST 2006

Several places in the documentation show ipython being started from
the command line but that does not work on Windows OOTB.  I have fixed
this by adding a file, ipython.bat, into the Python directory where
IPython was installed.  It consists of 1 line:

"%~dp0python.exe" "%~dp0scripts\ipython" %*

By way of explanation:
  %~dp0 is the current dir of the bat file, including the trailing \ 
  "" quotes are needed in case that dir has spaces
  %* are the arguments passed in

Tested on XP Pro SP2, Python 2.5, IPython 0.7.3.

I suggest that this file be added into the Windows installation
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